At DMX We Believe in the Power of Video.

88% Of Shoppers Agree That In-Store TV Is A “Good Thing”

The Power of Pictures

Imagery can entertain, transport and affect people deeply. It can be a potent marketing tool for your business.

Yet, many businesses rely on conventional television. The problem with TV is that it isn’t geared for your brand or made specifically for business. Commercials can diminish the customer experience, exposing visitors to other brands in the process. At worst, ordinary TV can work directly against you, displaying content that conflicts with your brand, detracts from your environment or, worse, offends the senses.

When you relinquish the remote and turn it over to DMX, you get a video solution that connects with your customers and supports business goals.

Be visually persuasive

Influence mood and customer behavior with engaging programming or graphics that can reduce perceived wait times, encourage purchasing or get customers to linger longer.

Say it subtly

Talk directly to customers about anything from upcoming promotions to changes in the menu by integrating your own messaging content.

Make your mark

Stay in sight and in mind by integrating your logo into compelling video content.

Ensure you’re covered

Avoid potentially costly penalties. Our licensing agreements with thousands of media producers ensure you’re legally covered to play music videos and other content.

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