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Find hardware and technical specification profiles for your DMX video system, as well as useful troubleshooting and content information.

ProFusion iS

Multi-media powerhouse; compact design specifically for businesses

ProFusion iS

  • DMX designed high-definition content and music video experiences
  • Automated time of day and day of week content scheduling
  • Audio and video capabilities integrated into a single multimedia branding solution
  • Ethernet or disc update
  • Visual and audio messaging support – integrate promotional and branding content
  • myStudio® content management system

PDF Downloads

ProFusion iS User Guide
ProFusion iS Quick Reference
ProFusion iS Features and Specs

Marquee W610

Easy to use digital signage and DMX music in a single, affordable device

  • MarqueeWeb managed digital signage and realtime rss content
  • Supports multiple screen zones in several portrait and landscape configurations
  • Wifi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Hard drive and ssd options
  • TV pass-through option – puts live TV and digital signage on the same screen
  • DMX music playback (one zone)

PDF Downloads

Marquee Overview
Marquee Features and Specs
Marquee User Guide

Marquee Training Video Downloads

Marquee Training Videos (Windows media version)
Marquee Training Videos (iPhone/iPad version)

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