At DMX We Believe in the Power of Scent.

Nobel Prize-Winning Research Proved The Powerful Connection Between Scent And Memory

The Sweet Smell of Success

We all know the wrong aroma can send customers fleeing with sniffers pinched. Candles, plug-ins and other off-the-shelf products aren’t designed for business use.

DMX on-site scent solutions can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Many businesses are discovering this firsthand, capitalizing on the well documented associative powers of smell – its ability to elicit vivid memories and emotions. Not only are 75 percent of emotions generated by smell, according to one recent study. Smell has been definitively linked to memory by Nobel Prize-winning research. Smell associations are so strong that they can indeed alter moods, alleviate symptoms — even increase employee productivity. Just think what it can do for your brand. Harness the power of scent to help you create a richer in-store experience and achieve your business goals.

Be effective in every sense

Create a completely immersive customer experience by using scent in conjunction with any combination of DMX music, video and messaging solutions.

Make a deeper impact

Connect on a deeper level with customers by drawing on powerful emotional associations with smell.

Take olfactory control

Influence mood and behavior. Get customers in the holiday spirit. Transport them to an exotic location. Take them back to a different time.

Design your own aroma

Distinguish your business or brand from the competition by introducing customers to your own, completely unique scent – engineered just for your brand.

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