At DMX We Believe in the Power of Music.

More Than 20 Million Americans Listen To Streaming Music Every Week

From physical to digital

Bring your on-site sound online with DMX Webcasting

Your DMX music solution has transformed your place of business into a destination. Instead of browsing and leaving, customers are grooving and lingering. Now you can achieve the same results on your website with DMX Webcasting. Taking your in-store sonic experience online enhances brand perception. Plus, a more engaging online experience can boost visit times and sales.

Take your on-site sound online

Keep you customer experience consistent, on-site and online, to reinforce your brand.

Distinguish yourself

Create a rich, exciting online destination that not only features your music but a branded player that captures your look and feel.

Entertain visitors

You’ve seen what the right on-site solution can do. Achieve the same results online by duplicating it on your website. Music is among the best – and least intrusive – ways to entertain online shoppers.

Deepen visitor relationships

Build your customer database or strengthen customer bonds by encouraging registration for free widgets, allowing users to stream music direct from your site.

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