DMX Residential Service

Whether your customers prefer the Rolling Stones, Joss Stone, or The Stone Temple Pilots, DMX lets you sit back, relax and enjoy. No loud DJs. No annoying commercials. No interruptions.

For over 40 years DMX has been an innovative leader in providing audio and video services to consumers and businesses around the world.

DMX was the first to delivery cd quality music to homes via cable and satellite and the first to deliver original artist music to businesses throughout the U.S.

Bring the Excitement Home

DMX is pleased to provide residential music service through digital cable systems around the globe, featuring 40 digital-quality audio channels for every listener in the house.

Outstanding Value

DMX’ monthly rate per subscriber is among the lowest in the industry.

Better Music

DMX is your source for better music and better value. The depth and breadth of our programming is known throughout the industry and your subscribers will hear the difference.

As the innovators of providing music channels in homes around the world, DMX showcases its superior capabilities to program and sequence music that best fits the desired genre, feeling, or environment.

Since the ‘70s, our people have been finding ways to bring original artist music into homes—even during a time when music television only provided 3 music videos on an endless cycle.

Ease of access

The Residential Service is available from Galaxy 17, C-Band transponder 13, to enhance service reliability.

Alternatively, the Residential Service is available from HITS.

Get started quickly!  A single, space-efficient receiver gets all digital audio channels.

Minimal bandwidth

All channels occupy less than 6.5Mbs, preserving your valuable bandwidth for other programming.

For More Information

For a list of available channels, click here.

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DMX, LLC., a Texas corporation, is owned by Mood Media Corporation and is now doing business under the Mood brand.
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