At DMX We Believe in the Power of Music.

In The U.S. Alone, Over 70 Million People Go Online For Music

Be virtually everywhere

Stay closer to customers with DMX downloads

With your in-store DMX music solution, you’ve earned a place in their memory. Now it’s time you became part of your customers’ daily lives. There’s no better way than having your branded sounds playing on their portable music players. Bring your on-site sonic experience online and onto your customers’ favorite playlists with DMX digital music downloads. Now customers can actually download your music from your website and take it with them. You’re not only providing a product or service—you’re an entertainment destination.

Strengthen customer bonds

Stay with customers after they leave your business by letting them enjoy your sound anytime, anyplace. Keep customers coming back to your site to get new music.

Make new fans

Increase exposure and foster community by making your branded music available for digital sharing.

Say thanks with a song

Reward your best customers with free digital music through loyalty programs run by DMX or integrated into your existing programs.

Stay consistent

Create a completely uniform sonic experience, allowing customers to enjoy your sound on-site, on your website or on the go.

Let DMX do the work

Avoid headaches by letting DMX handle implementation, including all licensing, royalty reporting, e-commerce and technical details.

Check out how Cambria Suites is using Digital Music Downloads on their site.

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