pam payanoPam Payano

Music Designer

In a time when Miami fans were split between Britney Spears and Ricky Martin, Pam could be found ignoring the hype and blasting The Fugees, Talib Kweli, or A Tribe Called Quest and using their music in the ballet and jazz contemporary dance classes she taught. Other times, Pam could be found embracing her Dominican culture by jamming to Juan Luis Guerra, Marc Anthony, and India and subsequently practicing her Spanish and Salsa. Her knack for discovering new tunes and appreciating intricate lyrics of all genres directed her towards the music industry in her personal quest to gain mainstream love for the underground artists she connected with. Pam landed a job as a publicist for indie artists in New York City, where she was exposed to a whole new realm of the music industry and introduced to the Northeast music scene.


Although her personal favorite genres are hip hop and singer-songwriter, Pam has love for all types of music and is always looking for a new artist to add to her superfluous music library. Hold the heavy metal, please.


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