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Mark Shapiro grew up in Los Angeles and attended U.C.L.A. where he majored in philosophy, only because he was realistic enough to recognize that he's not himself such a great musician.

For Mark, jazz is the one abiding truth and beauty in this world. He's been studying jazz – its history, recordings, discographies, biographies, and music theory – since he was thirteen years old when he started listening to jazz by wrapping tin foil around the antenna of his clock radio to get the old KBCA jazz station in L.A.

Mark has been with DMX since 2002. For his DMX programs such as Jazz and Classic Jazz Vocal Blend, he hopes listeners will appreciate the jazz intensity of these channels, but he also enjoys the creative possibilities and challenges in the Signature programs he makes that combine jazz with other musical elements. And Mark can also be heard hosting jazz radio shows on Austin's KOOP 91.7 FM. 

Photography is another interest for Mark. In particular, he extensively photographed Los Angeles, especially the punk rock scene, in the ‘80s. He’s now at work photographing the Austin night scene. Mark lives alone, no pets, but he has been known to have the occasional dinner guest. His hobbies include writing and performing standup comedy, storytelling, mathematical logic, and working on this bio.

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