john parsonsJohn Parsons

Music Designer

John Parsons has been designing music with DMX since 2010. With him he brings non-commercial radio experience as former Music Director of WERS in Boston and then as a producer at KUT in Austin. Having been a musician and music enthusiast for most of his life, John devoted his college years to understanding how music triggers sensation, and the subsequent effect that it has on human behavior. This background directly contributes to his ability and passion for pairing brands with soundtracks, emphasizing their qualities and appeal while providing sonic personalities.


John has consulted for well known brands such as Nike, Hollister, ECCO, Billabong, and Lindt Chocolates. Outside projects have included original music for film, concert production, and sound installations. When not working with music, John enjoys going to shows and taking advantage of Austin’s unique and vibrant culture.


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