eric martinezEric Martinez

Music Designer

Born in Boston, MA, Eric has had a passion for music ever since his parents gave him Beatles records to play on his Fisher Price turntable.  Growing up in Miami, FL, Eric became a house-party DJ when he realized it was a great way to maintain an active social life.  Subsequently, he met Les Garland, the DJ voice on Starship’s “We Built This City” and the original programmer for MTV and VH1.  Garland hired Eric to do music programming for The Box Music Network, the world’s first interactive music video channel. A move to New York City got Eric involved with, an award-winning music and anime website founded by industry legend Chris Blackwell.


Longing for the warmth and sunshine of South Florida, Eric returned to help launch The Tube Music Network, an all-music channel blending classic and current artists, which quickly rolled out to 20 million cable homes.  Eric joins the DMX Latin America team eager to apply his programming experience and that lifelong passion of music.


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