brad campbellBRAD CAMPBELL

Audio Engineer

At age 12, when Brad got his first guitar and learned “Iron  Man” by Black Sabbath, it was over.  He dedicated himself to his instrument from that point on and learned everything he could about music and its power.  After high school, he was accepted to conservatory in New York where for a decade he continued to learn his craft. Every nuance of the business intrigued him, so he started out as a bouncer at a venue in Hell’s Kitchen and before long, stage managing, running live sound and booking bands was on his resume.


On stage, behind, or front of house he felt like any and all was home. He moved to Texas and starting doing production for live vents all over the state with some of the biggest acts in the business.  Constantly learning the ins and outs of the music business, he then found himself in radio.  Engineering live radio broadcast and sporting events it gave him a new insight into the inner workings of music and its business.  Brad is an Audio Engineer and has been with DMX for four years, working with some of the biggest clients that DMX represents.  Lending his ear to help create musically and brand businesses all over the world.  And every now and then, still picks up his guitar and rocks.


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