alejandro cacciolaAlejandro Cacciola

Director of Programming & Operations for DMX Latin America

Alejandro became known in Argentina in 1991 when he – as Artistic Director– helped positioned FM Hit as the  number one radio station, which then remained at the  top for the 6 years during which it was under his  direction. Afterwards, he created the first radio  monitoring system in the country and, in 2000 came back  to radio and created X4, a personal project by media  mogul Mario Pergolini and a leading radio station  devoted to international dance music..

In 2002, he moved to Miami to restructure and expand  DMX’s offering, which he managed to do, not only creating and strengthening links with record companies and radio stations throughout Latin America, but also integrating the operations of DMX's operations centers around the world. He was promoted to Programming & Operations Director in 2007 and, since then, he has taken responsibility for the company’s TV operations, including channels HTV and Movietraxx..


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